Hamood H. Alhammad for Trading and Contracting

المملكة العربية السعودية, المنطقة الشرقية, الخبر
مواد بناء, كلادنج, نظافة, مقاول كهرباء, حفر, ردم و إزالة, أعمال تشطيب, مكافحة الحريق, مقاولات عامة, التكييف, إنارة, أعمال صيانة, مقاول ميكانيكا, أعمال دهان, خدمات مكافحة الحشرات و الآفات, مواد سباكة, السلامة, خدمات الدعم الفني, خيام و مظلات

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Hamood H. Al-Hammad Company was established in 1971. Al-Hammad is a leading and fast growing company providing quality services in the fields of Oil and Gas maintenance and Construction, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial support services and Projects. We are affiliated with Saudi Aramco for nearly 50 years providing workforce, equipments, material and technical services. Our aim is to deliver quality services to our clients which go far beyond the client expectation. We believe that quality and dedication are our strength. We are utilizing all the latest technologies , achieving our goal of quality and timeliness in our services and projects.

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