It is a comprehensive solution for creating functional and comfortable interior spaces. 
At The Architect Platform, we have worked on improving the customer experience in interior design for homes of various sizes. We also guarantee high-quality execution according to the specified budget. 
We aim to save the customer's time and effort by providing an integrated platform for working on home spaces easily.

At The Architect, we offer you integrated design and execution services, where we work on understanding the customer's specific needs. What distinguishes us is that we are keen to accomplish the work according to the budget specified by the customer. We work hard to create an ideal space with the highest quality and best price.

Design and execution services that suit you through: Consultation sessions for your space, furniture layout plan, 3D designs, execution plans, quantities schedule, furniture schedule, and finally implementing designs with high quality.

Working with us does not require working on large areas in the house at the same time. Interior design work can be divided and worked on in small parts and spaces at intervals. At The Architect Platform, we aim to create your ideal home spaces more easily and at a more suitable budget for you.

We do not work on furnishing. We provide you with a furniture schedule through which you can obtain and purchase the pieces specified in the agreed design.

The duration of interior design work is between one to one and a half months.

The duration of the execution work depends largely on the design work. After approving the interior design, the duration of your project's execution is determined.

The execution cost is determined after approving the designs, knowing that the design price is completely separate from the execution price.