The Architect is a platform that connect all construction domain together and offering them request for quotation and rating services. Also offer companies invite for proposal and bidding. Freelancers can join The Architect as well and they can receive and send RFQ.

Personal is for regular users not a company nor a freelancer. Personal accounts can only search for companies/freelancers and send RFQ.
Professional can be either companies or freelancers. Professional companies accounts can send/receive RFQ, IFP and post/participate in bids. Professional freelancers account can send/receive RFQ.

RFQ is short for Request For Quotation. Where you can send Request for quotation to the company you want after filling the RFQ form.

IFP is short for Invite for Proposal. Companies can propose (Introduce) their services or materials to other companies by sending them IFP.

After finding the bid that the company want to participate in they can press interest to bid button and the company that posted the project will review their profile and if they are qualified they will be accepted to submit their offered bid.

You should subscribe to one of the subscription plans packages offered on website.
If you have already subscribed, please contact our support team at support@the-architect.com and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Post your updated company profile projects and other experiences. Products also can be posted. Update the profile regularly and reply on the RFQ to increase the rating to get more requests.
You can purchase one of the Advertisements plans offered on website to advertise your company or services on our websites and application.