Building & Construction

messages.custom.imageThe Architect February 27,2022

In the Middle East region, Saudi Arabia is considered the largest market for building & construction, and we can see how this sector is fast-growing, especially the digital transformation which helped a lot of citizens and consumers.
In this article, we will give you a glimpse about the building & construction sector in the following terms:
1- A brief about building & construction sector.
2- A historical glimpse of the building & construction sector.
3- The difference between building engineering and construction engineering.
4- Construction & building engineer fields of work.
First: A brief about building & construction sector:
The majority identifies this sector as a combination of civil engineering and project management, it can also be identified as:
Planning, managing and building facilities such as high roads, bridges, airports, railways, buildings, dams and tanks. Building such projects requires having the knowledge of engineering principles and project management and so forth.
Some of the roles of construction engineers are to build temporary buildings, assure and manage quality, planning and providing construction site survey, inspect construction materials in the site, provide concrete mix design, provide cost estimation, safety engineering, planning and scheduling. 
Second: A historical glimpse of the building & construction sector:
Building & construction sector is considered as one of the oldest industries that was influenced by different civilization, where you can see the identity of the civilization through the aspects of its buildings, which is shaped by the architectural engineering of houses, schools, and the city design in general.
Therefore, the construction of buildings and castles is one of the major aspects that the Arabs and Muslims skilled it since long time ago and until now. The ancient Arabs built castles and buildings that the remains are still present and a lot refer to it in terms of interior design principles, gardens design, architectural planning and much more in the field of architecture.
Third: The difference between building engineering and construction engineering:
Building engineering relies mainly on mathematical and scientific studies of the building. On the other hand, constriction engineering relies on the appearance of the building and other technical aspects of its design. The building engineer overseas building, managing and maintaining the infrastructure, which includes buildings, bridges, roads, railways, tunnels, airport, dams, harbors and ports, along with water supply layouts, sewage and irrigation systems. However, the construction engineer role is to design buildings, towers, stadiums and bridges. The role also includes analyzing layouts, maps, reports, geological and typographical data, as well as cost and quantity estimation for materials, equipment and labor. 
Fourth: Construction & building engineer fields of work:
Building & construction is considers as one of the sectors that has a variety of specialties, which gives the opportunity for people to choose the suitable field for them. The fields of work for building & construction engineer are as follows:
▪ Software and design field:
In this field, projects are designed using computer software for building and construction to create a 2D and 3D sample of the project that will be executed.
▪ Quality and project enhancement field:
This field is where the engineer manages the site and track the progress of the construction stages in terms of maintaining quality, site safety assurance, site survey and material inspection.
▪ Construction design field:
The main role of this field is to design and calculate the strength of the construction frames and metal structure foundations for different architectural projects, and to monitor it precisely to assure its safety, and to verify the contractors execution.
▪ Technological field:
It is specialized in providing the best strategy to build, inspect and maintain building equipment and materials, so the assigned engineer can guarantee that the building process is within the desired plan and with the highest quality.
▪ Management and Planning field:
The role of the engineer in this field is to establish a plan and a feasibility study for all projects before the execution, as well as providing a time schedule for each stage.
▪ Maintenance and Restoration field:
In this field, the engineer role is to monitor the building progress and to identify and resolve problems, and manage to avoid it in the future.
▪ Technical Equipment field:
This role of this field comes at the latest stages of construction projects, where the engineer complete the building tasks by providing fire insulator, sound insulators and ventilation systems.