Introductory Essay

messages.custom.imageThe Architect March 20,2022

In The Architect Construction Platform, we aim to support all construction stages in a single place. From contractors, suppliers, engineering offices, logistic services and construction supporting services.
Start from planning and designing through construction and decoration, with the top in the world of building and construction. We seek to be the first and biggest platform that will help the sector to digitally transform.
First: The Architect platform:
A trademark registered under the Architectural Construction Platform Est. for e-marketing, commercial register no. 2051230256.
In our platform, you can easily reach to all your project requirements; contractors, engineering offices, construction materials suppliers and supporting services.
We also provide a safe competitive environment in the building and construction sector, which create an opportunity to expand your reach to the end user and therefore to increase your sales. 
Second: Our Goals
In the architect platform, we aim to merge the world of technology into the building and contracting sector;
For clients: We facilitate the process of building & construction by giving you the opportunity to reach the best service providers for your project. In The Architect Platform you can search, receive and compare quotations to reach to the best outcomes within few clicks.
For service providers: we help you to expand your reach to new customerbase and to increase your sales by digital marketing, receive and provide quotations easily and participate in tenders through our platform.
In the architect platform, we work to improve the building sector through these elements:
Your digital partner:
We facilitate your digital reach to the end user, organize your projects within your own profiles in our platform, presenting your recent projects in a creative way to advertise and increase your sales. With fully inhouse development the platform will always introduce services that will help service providers and suppliers to reach their business goals. We help in sales, purchasing, business development, procurement, proposals and tender management, quotations management and comparisons.
▪ Your first destination in the building sector:
All in one stop, we present to you the best service providers in the sector of building & construction, to create an efficient opportunity to build your project and to achieve the best outcomes with certified engineering offices, various construction companies, décor and interior design engineering.
Digital transformation: 
We provide digital solutions to link all building and construction requirements in one place!
Fourth: Our services across the platform: 
  • We create a profile for your company and we present your projects to broaden your reach to clients.
  • We advertise your company through web banners displayed in the platform.
  • You will have the ability to create tender or to bid on a project
  • You can directly reach suppliers, contractors and engineering offices.
  • We provide certified building and construction companies.
  • You can send and receive quotations easily.
The architect platform, your digital partner in the world of building & construction.