Engineering offices

messages.custom.imageThe Architect April 16,2022

Engineering offices:
Engineering offices are diverse and the services offered vary from office to office, therefore,when you start any project you have to carefully choose a certified engineering office that fulfill the requirement of your projects efficiently, and clarify all your concerns regarding engineering consultancy of your project. 
Moreover, Saudi Contractors Authority is the designated authority for managing and developing contracting sector in Saudi Arabia, where engineers and engineering offices refer to it.
An overview of the engineering offices according to the following terms:
What are Engineering Offices? 
An engineering office is a specialized discipline in the field of architectural design, construction design and other designs where they study and plan layouts for real estates, whether they work for a facility, company or individuals. It also provides plans, layouts, and technical drawings for the required projects. Therefore, we can see that the engineering office defines the characteristics of the real estates that will be executed, the suitable number of floors, the interior and exterior design of the building. After that, the contracting company takeover the project to develop and execution plan which was provided by the engineering office. 
The first step in any building project is the engineering works, the owner choose the consultant or engineer office to develop the project design either by direct hiring or by tenders. After that comes the contracting process which is also selected by a tender.
What does the Engineering Office offer? 
The services provided are variable, it includes:
1- Developing and studying plans for engineering projects before executing it.
2. Provide engineering consultancy in all aspects of interior and exterior design.
3. Giving an average cost estimate of the project after developing its basic plans.
4. Provide studies of the new technologies in the world of construction to apply it on the project, as well as preparing a study for risk aversion, cost reduction system. The engineering offices can also provide quantity survey.
5. Supervision of project execution. 
Fundamental standards in the engineering offices:
You have to make sure that these standards are met in the engineering office:
  • The engineering office must be certified with an official permit from the Saudi Engineering Council to practice, execute, and design engineering projects.
  • The engineering office must have a good reputation in committing to projects timeline that was agreed by the client.
  • The engineering office must have a team of engineers and technicians and are capable of providing the best engineering plans and implement it within high standards.
  • To commit to the agreed budget for the project, which was initially agreed by the client.
  • It is recommended to choose an engineering office that use the latest technologies in all the stages of designing and implement the engineering project, which will result in the best outcomes. An example of that is The Architect Platform.
Tips for choosing the suitable engineering office: 
Before choosing the engineering office, you have to identify your main requirements and your priorities in implementation, as well as the budget. Also, it is recommended to meet the engineer who will be responsible for executing your project. 
1- It is recommended that you personally meet the accountable engineer for drawing and designing the layouts of your projects
2- Validate the professionality and the experience of the engineer who is assigned to the project, not only the experience of the engineering office as a whole.
3- Compare the offers that you will receive from different engineering offices, then choose what’s suitable.
4- Review the engineering office latest projects in terms of: the design quality, the experience in implantation, the commitment in delivering the project.
5- Soil testing must be taken before your visit to the engineering office