• Building & Construction

    messages.custom.imageThe Architect February 27,2022

    In the Middle East region, Saudi Arabia is considered the largest market for building & construction, and we can see how this sector is fast-growing, especially the digital transformation which helped a lot of citizens more

  • Introductory Essay

    messages.custom.imageThe Architect March 20,2022

    In The Architect Construction Platform, we aim to support all construction stages in a single place. From contractors, suppliers, engineering offices, logistic services and construction supporting more

  • Engineering offices

    messages.custom.imageThe Architect April 16,2022

    Engineering offices are diverse and the services offered vary from office to office, therefore,when you start any project you have to carefully choose a certified engineering office that fulfill the requirement of your projects more

  • Contracting

    messages.custom.imageThe Architect May 12,2022

    Contracting is the stage that comes after engineering offices stage, its field of work is in designing and engineering plans. Construction projects are assigned to a company which is known as the contracting more

  • Suppliers

    messages.custom.imageThe Architect June 5,2022

    Nowadays, the world has become a small town, with a click of a button you can get whatever you wish for. The e-commerce has changed all aspects of buying and selling, it made it easier for the consumer to search for the best more