• A Guide to Make Your Master Bedroom Design

    messages.custom.imageThe Architect August 24,2023

    Your bedroom is more than just a place to rest specially your master bedroom. it's your personal space where a lot of things come together in such as peace, style, and comfort. Transforming your master bedroom into a such more

  • Elevating Your Living Room and Entryway: A Guide to Stunning Interior Design

    messages.custom.imageThe Architect August 24,2023

    When it comes to creating a home entree and living room that reflects your personality and style, you need to focus on certain elements to make the best designs. These areas are the first impression guests have of your home, and more

  • Expert Tips: How to Arrange Furniture in Every Room - Your Ultimate Guide

    messages.custom.imageThe Architect July 20,2023

    Arranging furniture is a crucial aspect of interior design that can greatly impact the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your space. Whether you're moving into a new home or simply looking to refresh your existing more

  • How Interior Design Impacts Your Life and Well-being

    messages.custom.imageThe Architect July 20,2023

    Interior design is much more than just about making a space look good – it can impact your life and well-being in a multiple of ways. Design elements like color, lighting, and layout have a big effect on our emotions and more

  • Building & Construction

    messages.custom.imageThe Architect February 27,2022

    In the Middle East region, Saudi Arabia is considered the largest market for building & construction, and we can see how this sector is fast-growing, especially the digital transformation which helped a lot of citizens more

  • Introductory Essay

    messages.custom.imageThe Architect March 20,2022

    In The Architect Construction Platform, we aim to support all construction stages in a single place. From contractors, suppliers, engineering offices, logistic services and construction supporting more

  • Engineering offices

    messages.custom.imageThe Architect April 16,2022

    Engineering offices are diverse and the services offered vary from office to office, therefore,when you start any project you have to carefully choose a certified engineering office that fulfill the requirement of your projects more

  • Contracting

    messages.custom.imageThe Architect May 12,2022

    Contracting is the stage that comes after engineering offices stage, its field of work is in designing and engineering plans. Construction projects are assigned to a company which is known as the contracting more

  • Suppliers

    messages.custom.imageThe Architect June 5,2022

    Nowadays, the world has become a small town, with a click of a button you can get whatever you wish for. The e-commerce has changed all aspects of buying and selling, it made it easier for the consumer to search for the best more