Japandi design for living room and master bedroom

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Our client is in the process of renovating their apartment in Riyadh. They have asked us to create an interior design inspired by the Japandi style.

The layout consists of a family living room, a hallway, and a master bedroom with an attached bathroom and walk-in closet. It embraces the Japandi design concept, which combines elements from Japanese and Scandinavian styles. This design is known for its clean lines, minimalist aesthetic, and a soothing color palette. The blending of natural materials such as wood and travertine, textured walls with modern elements like curved shapes in the design creates a tranquil ambiance throughout our client's apartment.

Project Details

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Design & Execution

تصميم مودرن كلاسيكي مدرن جاباندي لمنزل
Design Style


أفضل المقاولين ومصممين داخلي في الدمام الخبر الرياض


مصميين ومصممة داخلي في السعودية الرياض، الخبر
Designed by

Eng. Hadeel N. , Eng. Mariam N.

تصاميم غرف نوم، صالة، وترميم مجالس وغرف طعام

Living room, Entrance &corridor, Master room, Bath room