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Our client reached out to us seeking interior design solutions for a space with an irregular shape featuring challenging angles in Riyadh. She asked for an elegant living area catering to a small number of female guests. She also highlighted the importance of including a designated space for hanging Abayas.

The aim of this design approach is to conceal the imperfections and flaws by incorporating shelves and utilizing them in a functional manner. It also provided abaya’s closet, seating and a small food service area. The design blends contemporary elegance with minimalism, using luxurious materials. The focal point in this design is an elegant wooden TV unit, while prioritizing a comfortable, sophisticated seating area and a sleek marble center table.

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أفضل المقاولين ومصممين داخلي في الدمام الخبر الرياض

مصميين ومصممة داخلي في السعودية الرياض، الخبر
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Eng. Majd D

تصاميم غرف نوم، صالة، وترميم مجالس وغرف طعام

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