Design and execution of elegant contemporary designed living room

home designing duration & cost based on budget Budget:


فترة تنفيذ وتصميم داخلي لمنزل Duration:

1.5 month

Our client decided to design their apartment, including a practical living room, coordinated kitchen that serves their needs, dining room, and laundry room with enough space to easily clean their clothes. We fulfilled their desires and make their apartment beautiful and practical, in line with their lifestyle.

Project Details

خدمات تنفيذ تصاميم بيت فيلا أو شقة

Design & Execution

تصميم مودرن كلاسيكي مدرن جاباندي لمنزل
Design Style

Contemporary, Neoclassical

أفضل المقاولين ومصممين داخلي في الدمام الخبر الرياض

مصميين ومصممة داخلي في السعودية الرياض، الخبر
Designed by

Majd D.

تصاميم غرف نوم، صالة، وترميم مجالس وغرف طعام

Living room