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Request for Quotation Al Qatif, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
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MEP, Infrastructure/Roads, General contracting
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Electrical contractor, Infrastructure/Roads, General Contracting


Gov. Classification,Ma'aden,Marafiq,SABIC,SATORP,SEC,STC,Sabic,Sadara,Saudi Aramco,Saudi Contractor Authority

Activities extend to all aspects of the general contracting business including: • Scaffolding works implementation of projects rent and sale • Electricity works Supply and Install, remove, replace, modify and maintain HV AND LV overhead and underground distribution networks up to 36 KV • All kinds of electrical cables tested • Power solution solar energysystemsSupply and Install, remove, replace, modify and maintain • Sandblasting and painting (Storage tank cleaning, repairs and painting) • Insulation and cladding Supply and Install, remove, replace, modify and maintain (asbestos and non-asbestos) • Fabrication and erection of steel structures (structural and pipes) andPipeline, pump, valves, instrumentation • Skilled manpower supply • Fibre Optic networks worksSupply and Install, remove, replace, modify and maintain • INSTRUMENTATION, AUTOMATION AND SCADA • Implementation of the work of the Telecommunications Supply and Install, remove, replace, modify and maintain • Information Technology Networks Enterprise Software Development Web design Security monitoring systems • Design Engineering • Civil works services (i.e. bridge and road repairs, duct Bank, tank bund wall repairs and erection) • Building Construction and maintenance • Carrying out water, sewage and rainwater network works. Supply, installation, removal, replacement, modification and maintenance of water • Security fencing grille Supply and Install, remove, replace, modify and maintain • Heavy and Light equipment rental • Networks, surveillance cameras and ERP programs Supply and Install, remove, replace • Procurement and industrial supplies • Concrete structure preparation, repair and grouting • GRP pipe laying and fiberglass and lamination • Heat exchanger fabrication and re-tubing • Mechanical repairs and constructions • Pre-qualification of skilled workers • Mechanically precise dismantlement, preservation and packaging of equipment for re-use • Provision of technical expertise on refinery dismantling-equipment preparation, safe handling, dismantling procedures, cost and timelines • Mechanical equipment and instruments repair

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